A Rant on the Government Interfering with the Internet

Yes they are at it again.

Last week a US Senate committee has approved a huge cyber security bill that some people say will give the President the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyber attack.

Sponsors of the Bill, Including Joe Lieberman refute this and explain that it gives the president a “kill switch.”

Section 249 (a) 1.

“The President may issue a declaration of a national cyber emergency to covered critical infrastructure.”

This bill was introduced earlier in the month and would create a White House Office for Cyber Security.

This is just another power grab by the government to control more things in our lives.

The bill says that the government’s jurisdiction would be over the “critical infrastructure.” It is not defined, and very open ended what it really includes.

It goes on to say that the term “Cyberspace” includes “communications networks, computer systems, embedded processors and controllers in critical industries.”

The part that scares me, is that with power like that, an “emergency” can be declared, and if the President wants to shut down the Internet he can. Of course, this is all tied in to the department of Homeland Security.

With much of the talk that I have seen in this administration about Silencing Conservative talk radio, and wanting to regulate blogs and news online. I would say this is a bit unnerving.

Cyber Security is very important, but giving the President all of that power, without any consultation or approval of Congress or the Senate is dead wrong.

Am I the only one that sees that the government (both Democrats and Republicans) are doing things that are continuing to give them more power and us less freedom?

If you would like to read the bill for yourself, here is the Link, just click on the Full text and you can download the .pdf file.

Cyberspace Act of 2010

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